Noam decided to begin this business while attending the University of Michigan Master Degree program in Health Management & Policy. During a case study he became involved in Detroit's so called "Food Desert". Noam was so inspired by the topic, he consulted with his professor and decided to make it real, beyond the case study. Noam has a passion to change the social status of many who are under educated and bring them into the business world, the world of food, and help more than the desire to make money. Many off shoots are taking place based on his initiation.

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My successes. 

At 26, Noam serves as the Chief Executive Officer and majority stakeholder of Fresh Corner Cafe (FCC), a mission-driven fresh food delivery service working to increase access to fresh and healthy foods in Detroit. FCC delivers to 35 locations and are on pace to hit $150k in revenues in 2013. They employ a 10 person team and have sold over 25,000 healthy meals in the last 12 months. Earlier this year, they were awarded a $20,000 cash prize for top “Emerging Org” in the MEDC’s Social Entrepreneurship Challenge. 

In 2008, Noam raised $20,000 to launch a non-profit organization called the Ypsilanti Health Initiative, which unites college students and low-income seniors around service learning, health education, and grocery incentives. In 2010, Noam raised $40,000 to launch Get Fresh Detroit LLC, a fresh produce distribution operation which has ultimately morphed into Fresh Corner Café L3C. In 2011, Noam served as an Independent Consultant to the Detroit Eastern Market Corporation and founded the Detroit Youth Food Brigade, a summer employment and entrepreneurial training program for inner-city high school students. Noam now serves as the President of the Board as this program continues under the guise of the Detroit Food & Entrepreneurship Academy and has raised $200,000 in its first 2.5 years. Noam also sits on the Community Advisory Board of Whole Foods Detroit, the Population Health Council of the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority, and the Steering Committee of Foodlab. 

How SCORE helped. 

Noam's SCORE Detroit Mentor was instrumental in having him set metric goals and urging him to get an accountant to help him track costs and progress. Also, Noam has learned Excel and now has analysis after analysis that helps him manage. Noam has a fellow for a year that is a chemical engineer and is going to McKinsey after Noam. Together they have strategized their business with metrics. SCORE Detroit also convinced Noam that he did not have to build out a kitchen and produce his goods. He has a good resource for his foods, a restaurant that does not open until 11:00 am produces everything he needs, keeping his costs down and he knows the cost of each product.

What's great about my mentor? 

David is an incredibly warm and friendly mentor and friend. He cares about both my business and me as an individual. He goes above and beyond the call by getting outside the coffee shop/office and joining for deliveries and seeing the operation firsthand. His experience makes his advice invaluable.

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