Dee Lockett is a volunteer Workshop Presenter with the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE. She is also the Founder and CEO of The Marketing Dept. Unlimited, where she combines the power and principles of money and marketing to make a difference for women-led businesses as a way to stabilize local economies,  communities, and families.

Why did you decide to serve as a volunteer mentor with SCORE?

I decided to be a workshop presenter for SCORE because along my journey as a serial entrepreneur, no matter what I attempted to achieve, I felt I needed a resource for learning. SCORE gives me a platform to teach what I've learned so that others can capitalize on my mistakes along the way. My hope is always that I will deliver information to workshop attendees in a practical, ready-to-use way. Because I understand that entrepreneurs don't have a lot of time for trial and error. They need strategies that work in real time.

What has been your greatest area of fulfillment you’ve received since starting your mentorship service with SCORE?

My greatest area of fulfillment has been the relationships that I have built with my students. I'm still following, supporting and purchasing products and services from many of them. Even after they have taken my class I follow them on social media and share their content. I get to see them implementing some of the tactics that they were taught and the real joy is seeing those things working for them. 

Entrepreneurs often refer to “a-ha moments” when being mentored by SCORE volunteers. What was a recent a-ha moment one of our clients had that you think will have an impact on the success of his or her future endeavors?

Actually, I have two that stand out to me because not only did I see the "ah-ha moment" but I am still witnessing the impact of that moment in their businesses expendentually. 

Prior to the pandemic when we were holding in-person workshops at SCORE, I had the pleasure of teaching a marketing workshop and meeting Denitra Gregory of Unforgettable You. I saw her eyes light up when I mentioned the power of video marketing. Not long after that she started posting videos to her social media channels consistently. I am so proud of the brand that she has built since that time. Video marketing proved to be one of the things that helped push her business forward in a major way. She has grown her following and adapted her business so well during the pandemic to the point that she now has a book deal.  

Another "ah ha moment" functioning in a SCORE mentor capacity came through American Express and iFund Women earlier this year. I was paired with an award recipient of #AMEX100for100. My mentee Elorm Praise Dela-Seshie of Adorn Me Africa came eager to make the most of the award she had received. In her case I wanted to ascertain "who" her customer was.  She wasn't sure so we focused on gathering data to determine "who" her target market is and what their spending habits are among other things. During a Zoom session, I saw her eyes light up when we discussed key markers and metrics around her target market, what they care about and how best to communicate with them using data and not "guesses". She was taking so many notes it made me laugh. 

But since that time she has taken a trip to Ghana, expanded her product line, been featured in two mainstream publications, opened a retail location, and is looking at hiring her first employee. I smile every time I see her posts on social media because I know that she has internalized the data and is having a conversation around things that her target customer cares about. These are the things you get to experience when you are involved with SCORE that I don't think you would otherwise.

What’s been the biggest surprise?

The biggest surprise for me is how much I've learned from the people that I have taught or mentored. I have become a better business owner and hopefully human being by what I received in the process of giving.

More About Dee:

Dee Lockett also helms H.E.R. Web Design Agency where she combines her expertise in technology with her passion for women in business. Dee has over 15 years of experience marketing authors, non-profit organizations, and small businesses. Dee is known for her passionate and engaging presentation style. 

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Volunteer Q&A with Dee Lockett