Podcast Episode 21.7 –  “The Productivity Pivot,” with Jay Harrington

How do you find—no, MAKE!—the time to work on the most important objective of any small business: sales!? Business development is the lifeblood of your business, but too many small business owners make the claim that they are too busy to sell. Jay Harrington, author of “The Productivity Pivot,” joins The SCORE Podcast: "Where Small Business Matters," to share his proven process for making time to focus on growing your business (or any other important business objective), no matter how busy you are!

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Discussion points:

  • What’s the difference between working IN the business and working ON the business?

  • What problem was Jay looking to solve when writing this book? (It just might be yours!)

  • What is the Eisenhower Matrix, and how is it a useful tool for entrepreneurs?

  • How can you “sell yourself an hour each day,” and why is it critical?

  • Why is business development important? Tying your sales efforts to a higher purpose.

  • Question of the Day: How does a business open up adjacent revenue streams, and what are some examples?

References and Resources:

Too Busy for Sales? Think Again!