A SCORE Client Tells Her Own Personal Story of Success

The following are the words of Carol Markstrom, Founder of Simplicity Healing, an energetic and vibrational space of advanced healing practitioners that collectively provide alternative and natural forms of healing for the totality of mind, body and soul, based in Rochester, Mich. Here, in her own telling, has been her experience with SCORE of Southeast Michigan so far...

My first interaction with SCORE was attending a "Transition Dreams to Startup” workshop this past April.  

I am a former owner of a franchise, but after selling that business, I still had some lingering fear to venture out on my own for the creation of my own dream. Prior to this April's workshop, I had just come off an experience from pursuing a partnership with another individual for this dream of mine. All I saw (at the time) with this individual was the opportunity of having the synergies of someone else's thoughts, expertise and ideas. But in the end, and after much time, it didn’t work out with us because our visions ended up being vastly different. It was a hard lesson to learn, with a lot of vested time gone in the blink of an eye, but one that I am grateful for everyday. 

This first workshop gave me the confidence I have been looking for all along! The materials presented were informative, detailed and solid (throughout the entire workshop, I thought to myself “I can do this!”). It was also in this workshop that I learned of the “SCORE mentor” program where I could be matched up with a local SCORE representative to assist me throughout the development process. For me, it was the missing piece of that “partnership” that I was seeking all along … someone who had expertise and years of experience to help guide me along my path. This is when I met Tom Garner. He took a vested interest from the get-go for my healing center, Simplicity Healing, guiding me on many financial details I was unaware of along with providing me with a multitude of marketing ideas. He was incredibly professional, responsive and showed a great deal of passion to help.  

Thank you Tom, and much gratitude to SCORE for helping my dreams become reality!

— Carol Markstrom
Simplicity Healing


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Simplicity Healing's Journey with SCORE of Southeast Michigan