Nonprofit Collaboration Leverages to Provide One-Stop Resource for Startups Looking for Post-Pandemic Recovery Support

SCORE partner NEI (the New Economy Initiative) has collaborated with Startup Space to launch a "one-stop-shop" hub of resources, connecting startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses to critical resources, programs and funding. Sign up to access a digital hub that brings all post-pandemic recovery-related resources, such as links to grant and loan applications, best practices, and trusted information, under one platform—including access to participating SCORE certified volunteer mentors across southeast Michigan.

Visit here.

Entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners looking for assistance during the COVID-19 crisis can simply visit this resource page that brings together the partners and resources that are providing critical support, programs and funding for those in need.


  • Find advisors in your community through office hours
  • Direct links, names, and phone numbers
  • All content guaranteed freshness every 24 hours
  • Free open-page access with no login required
  • Can be customized by location or resource type
  • Submission and vetting process for local content Resources in each row force-ranked 1-10 for importance

At this page, users are able to first watch an explainer video that walks users through the various functions and options available to southeast Michigan's startupup community:

The mission of the New Economy Initiative (NEI) is to grow a culture of entrepreneurship in southeast Michigan that benefits all residents and strengthens the regional economy.

StartupSpace bills itself as a next-generation community-building tool. Users create meaningful connections, navigate local resources, measure impact, and more.

To learn more, or to create your own account to start tapping into this vast library of resources, please visit NEI's StartupSpace page today!


SCORE Partner NEI Teams Up with Startup Space to Create Small Business Recovery Resource Hub