Episode 21.9 of the SCORE Podcast, with Jennifer Kluge of Corp! Magazine, MichBusiness and The Best & Brightest Companies to Work For

You took the plunge. You started your business, worked hard and then...success, your business is growing! Did you pivot, diversify your product or service, or are you serving a new market? Chances are, it was one of the above...and if you haven’t yet, it’s time to learn how! Co-hosts Armando Ojeda and Tom Nixon are joined by Jennifer Kluge, President and CEO of MichBusiness, Best and Brightest Programs and Corp! Magazine to discuss elements of successful growth from the start-up to the C Suite!

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Discussion points:

  • Jennifer's journey from the launch of Michigan Food and Beverage Association to her current business projects

  • Differing perspectives from the position of the start-up entrepreneur and then the leader of a large and growing organization

  • Best practices of growing and successful companies

  • Business pivots generally and the pandemic pivot specifically

  • Recruiting talent as our economy re-opens

References and Resources:

Pivoting, Diversification and Employer Best Practices