Episode 20.9 – Accelerators and Incubators, with Paul Riser of TechTown Detroit

Paul Riser, Director of Detroit Urban Solutions for TechTown Detroit, joins co-hosts Tom Nixon and Marc Trail on "The SCORE Podcast: Where Small Business Matters" to discuss business incubators and accelerators, not only from the standpoint of the tech-based company, but also for traditional product and service companies that need to embrace this brave new world of digital platforms.

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Discussion points:

  • The growth of business incubators and accelerators as entrepreneurialism expands throughout our economy

  • Similarities between the tech-based business and traditional businesses

  • How traditional business needs to incorporate tech into the business model to be successful

  • Obstacles that tech-based entrepreneurs face as they grow, and how TechTown helps them succeed

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Paul Riser of TechTown Detroit Joins the SCORE Podcast