A Peak Behind the Curtain to One of SCORE's Most Popular Workshop Series

What do you do when someone asks you, “So, what do you do?” Do you freeze up? Do you over-sell? Do you stumble? Do you tell a different story every time? What if there’s a high-stakes shark, banker or prospective client in the room? With so much at stake, it’s critical for business owners and entrepreneurs to get it right. And practice makes perfect. Marc Trail, volunteer with the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE, joins the show to talk through strategies for perfecting the art of the pitch.

Discussion points:

  • What is SCORE’s Perfect Pitch Practice workshop, and how did it start?

  • How does the program work, and what do you get out of it?

  • Who qualifies for this program, and what do they need to do to prepare?

  • What are the tangible and intangible elements of a successful pitch?

  • What is Marc’s background, and how can he help you perfect your pitch?

  • Plus, an important announcement about the podcast...

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