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A Story in Innovation and Perseverance

Angela Mitchell, Certified Volunteer MentorThe pandemic and its economic fallout has, overnight, created tremendous challenges for entrepreneurs and small business owners, forcing (or inspiring!) many to pivot to new markets, new service models or new product offerings. On the latest episode of "The SCORE Podcast: Where Small Business Matters," Co-Owner of Detroit Cycling Studio, Nicole Nesbitt, joins hosts Armando Ojeda and Tom Nixon, along with her SCORE Certified Volunteer Mentor Angela Mitchell, to discuss how she and her husband were able to successfully pivot their dream business during a time of crisis.

Discussion points:

  • How SCORE helped Detroit Cycling Studio prepare financials to secure a grant to fund their pivot and expansion.

  • How Nicole and her co-entrepreneur husband quickly innovated to service an emerging demand in the market.

  • Nicole’s advice for other business owners beset by sudden challenges and obstacles.

  • Angela’s perspective as a volunteer mentor: What do we get out of it, and what is our reward?

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NEW Podcast Episode! - The Art of the Pivot, with Angela Mitchell and Nicole Nesbitt of Detroit Cycling Studio