Local Mentor Richard Gibbs and Mentee Rebecca Aughton of Bra-Vo Intimates Discuss Their Mentoring Partnership

In the latest episode of "The SCORE Podcast, Where Small Business Matters," co-hosts Tom Nixon and Marc Trail meet up with SCORE Certified Volunteer Mentor Richard Gibbs and his client Rebecca Aughton, owner of the Royal Oak-based boutique Bra-Vo Intimates, as we discuss the importance of their professional relationship from the perspective of a well-established business navigating and thriving during the current pandemic.




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Discussion points:

  • The reasons for a well-established business to reach out for mentoring services

  • How Bra-Vo Intimates, a local apparel retailer, executed the "pandemic pivot"

  • The inter-relationship between networking and mentoring organizations

  • The mentoring relationship from the mentor/client perspectives

  • Never let a crisis got to waste—the opportunity pivot and re-position

  • Advice on mentoring from the seasoned entrepreneur to the start-up

  • "Question of the Day" from listener Rubin Martinez

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Mentor and Mentee Collaborate to Successfully Execute the "Pandemic Pivot"