Mentee Credits Successful Product Launch to Guidance and Support of Certified Volunteer Mentor in Southeast Michigan Chapter of SCORE

Ever since she was a kid, Candace P. Fleming has always enjoyed helping others. She would help tutor her friends in school without even realizing what good she was doing. She simply wanted to help her friends succeed. As she got older, she developed a passion for inspiring people in areas such as education, self-esteem, self-care and money management. 

So when she needed help herself, she knew there was someone out there willing to do what she has done: give of one's time to help somebody else succeed. That's when she contacted a SCORE mentor at the Southeast Michigan chapter to help develop her concept for her business planner product.

Having earned her BFA from Howard University and her MBA from Wayne State University, Candace successfully launched Essential Motivation LLC as a public speaking platform, which grew into something beyond her dreams. She has been able to create conferences for women on self-care as well as open up a shop to sell products to inspire and help others. Now she is looking to "product-ize" her offering, by developing and selling original products online that complement her company's founding mission of helping others.

The Product Pivot

Her first product in her store is a business planner, which is geared to helping people successfully launch their own business. This planner gives entrepreneurs the answers they need to launch a business so that the entrepreneur will have far less research to do. It walks one through step-by-step on how to incorporate a business and what steps to take next. There is a business plan template that provides all the guidance needed to write a business plan.

There is an expense tracker, a saving plan which has suggestions on how to save over $10,000 and a template to create a personal financial plan. There is a password tracker and a contact list. What is also incredibly special about this planner is that it is a weekly and daily planner. It is designed for a businessperson, but it is suitable for all needs.

"Both of these ventures were done to overcome fear, which allows innovators to achieve even greater success than they first imagined," Candace says. "Do not let fear keep you from your dreams and desires!"

How SCORE Helped

"My mentor Tom was so active in my process with developing my business plan and helping make my planner exactly what I wanted," Candace says. "He was always available and willing to help whenever I needed. He helped me strategize on how to get funding as well. He is my go-to person for my business matters, and I know he will continue to be there for me in the future."

Tom remarks, "Candace was everything you'd want in a mentee—attentive, enthusiastic, determined and, most of all, open to coaching. I have no doubt that both this planner product and her entrepreneurial career more generally will be nothing short of a huge success!"

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