Episode 21.10 of the SCORE Podcast – Why We Volunteer, and Why You Should Too!

Armando, Marc and Tom are joined by Certified Volunteer Mentor Dick Rappleye and fellow volunteer and mentor Val Moskalik, who serves as Recruiting and Onboarding Chair for the Southeast Michigan Chapter of SCORE to honor April as National Volunteers Month and to discuss why working and retired executives alike should consider giving back and paying it forward to the next generation of small business owner.






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Discussion points:

  • Reach and impact of the SCORE volunteer network

  • Perspectives on what drives volunteerism with SCORE

  • Whether you are a mentor, workshop presenter ot subject matter expert - there is a place for you

  • What it takes to be successful as a SCORE volunteer

  • Return on the volunteer investment

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The Joy of Mentoring, with SCORE Volunteers