Learn from local SCORE Mentors and a virtual room of your peers

The Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE is hosting a live "open mic" Zoom event twice per week to bring together entrepreneurs and Certified Volunteer Mentors to discuss strategies, share resources, and discover opportunities, as the small business community works to manage its way through the current economic crisis.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m., SCORE mentors will moderate a panel entitled, "Small Business Revival," during which we allow anyone who participates to ask a question, whether it be for our mentors or fellow entrepreneurs on the call. We've discussed everything from marketing to HR, from legal to technology, from government loans to intellectual property exposures...and everything in between! If you have questions, it is highly likely that someone on the call will have answers (or at least direction on where to find them!).

For more details, and to register for each event, please click here.


Join Open Mic "Small Business Revival" Twice Per Week to Navigate COVID-19