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The First Episode of Season 2 of the SCORE Podcast Kicks off New Year with Wisdom

Ray Moulden, owner of Moulden Agency LLC, joins co-hosts Armando Ojeda and Marc Trail on "The SCORE Podcast: Where Small Business Matters" to discuss the varied aspects of insurance and how it impacts your business. From traditional business insurance requirements to the newest considerations for cyber security and COVID, Ray provides valuable insight to help the entrepreneur navigate in troubled waters.

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Discussion points:

  • The traditional business risks that require proper insurance coverage

  • Insurance is more than a cost to be controlled when you need its benefits

  • Taking the time to develop the personal relationship with your agent

  • Sel-inventory and planning for the new year

  • Know what your assets are for proper coverage

  • Using security systems effectively for potential savings

  • Cybersecurity and insuring for your protection

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The Importance of Business Insurance, with Ray Moulden