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Episode 21.3 of the SCORE Podcast, "Where Small Business Matters:" 

The Neighborhood Business Initiative, with Don Jones of The New Economy Initiative

Community stability requires a strong business presence to be viable. Don Jones, Associate Director of the New Economy Initiative, joins Tom Nixon and Marc Trail to discuss the 12-year journey of building business in Detroit and where we are headed, including NEI's "Neighborhood Business Initiative" and how small businesses can benefit. 

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Discussion points:

  • Neighborhood organizations creating jobs and building a sense of place in local neighborhoods

  • What is improving in Detroit and what opportunities exist for continued improvement

  • Will the pandemic have a long term impact on Detroit's future

  • Challenges to growth for small neighborhood businesses

  • Social impact of revitalization and urban flight

  • Bringing communities together via purposefull connectivity

  • Question of the day

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How Small Neighborhood Businesses Can Survive and Thrive in 2021