Episode 21.19 of The SCORE Podcast, Where Small Business Matters

Is it LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram? We could “Ask the Google,” but there is a better option! Tom, Amrando and Marc meet up with Dee Lockett, Certified Volunteer Mentor with the Southeast Michigan Chapter of SCORE and Founder of The Marketing Dept. Unlimited and HER Web Design Agency, to dig into the digital marketing world and show our SCORE clients and friends how it can be applied toward their business success.

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Discussion points:

  • Word on the street - the business owners “Marketing Pain Points.”

  • Don’t let this digital world confuse you

  • It shouldn’t cost a fortune

  • Dealing with negative results

  • Options, options options

  • Question of the day

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Episode 21.19 – Marketing in a Digital World, with Dee Lockett