How Bea Wolnerman of Beas Squeeze Actuallty Converted a Lemonade Stand into a Thriving Retail and Wholesale Business

Is the juice worth the squeeze? Co-hosts Tom Nixon and Marc Trail are joined by Beatrice Wolnerman of Bea’s Squeeze and Bea’s Detroit to discuss a unique marketing “gimmick” that turned into a growing beverage brand, shared workspace and merchandising company. Listen to learn her lessons, hear about the importance of mentorship, and incorporate some of Bea’s innovative thinking into your strategic planning and vision.

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Discussion points:

  • Why it took until adulthood to open a lemonade stand

  • What makes Bea’s lemonade stand so special

  • Serendipity of one business opportunity leading to another

  • Implementing new business concepts in a rapidly changing environment

  • Why entrepreneurs need to make lemonade out of lemons, regardless of industry

  • Question of the Day: How, why and when to incorporate e-commerce into your business strategy

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Episode 21.17 of the SCORE Podcast: Making Lemonade out of Lemons