SCORE Client Looking to Pick Up Right Where She Left Off — And Then Some!

Cortney Moody, founder of Comfort Paws Mobile Canine Spa LLC, a self-contained mobile grooming unit that allows her to groom dogs in the comfort of their owners' driveways, is back open for business. A SCORE client who has worked with Certified Volunteer Mentor David Broner since the company's inception, Moody has managed to keep a positive attitude during the shutdown that kept her business idle for weeks, and that positivity and perseverence appears to be paying off!

Her sticktuitiveness should serve as an inspiration to entrepreneurs and small business owners everywhere who are working so hard to overcome the challenges presented by the Coronavirus pandemic:

The end of quarantine means I have a fully booked schedule well into July, and about 80% of my clients are rebooking, which is great. I'm still getting about 20 people contacting me per day. 

I have been extremely busy, I'm in the middle of a stretch of working 17 days in a row, but I am so happy. The way I had to work at my previous jobs put me in a lot of pain and stress, and while the days are long, now I drive home with a smile on my face and feel totally satisfied.

This pace is temporary, as right now everyone wants to get their dog groomed, after salons being closed for so long, so I am working 6-7 days a week for June trying to get as many in as possible. Starting in July, I will start regular five-day work weeks. In my first 11 days, I made enough to cover all of my business expenses! 

People are very satisfied with my work, I have been getting many compliments. Yesterday I groomed a golden retriever and a malamute for a client, and she was so pleased she set them up on a 10-week recurring appointment with both of her other two dogs as well, so I will have FOUR dogs at one stop! That is a full day of work at one house, all with dogs I enjoy grooming. I couldn't be happier about it. 

Lessons Learned

The moral of the story? Hang in there...dig in...and lean into this challenge, which is also an opportunity (for recovery and revitalization). Entrepreneurship is all about overcoming adversity and mustering the strength to forge ahead, despite all odds and roadblocks. This will not be the last major challenge entrepreneurs like Cortney will face, so the lessons learned now will be forever valuable.

"Her energy is contagious," says Broner. "I sent her a note asking how things were going, and the answer I got was a true inspiration to struggling entrepreneurs everywhere. She is SO articulate and excited. I would hope that some of her enthusiasm would rub off on the next small business owner who needs it right now. But I did tell her to take a day off!"

Cortney has previously credited SCORE mentors for helping her launch and grow her business: "SCORE has been instrumental to my current level of business ownership. Certified Volunteer Mentors David Broner and David Hennessy have been very helpful, and I have always felt comfortable asking any questions that come to mind," she said. "I think most people who aspire to run their own business would be surprised to learn that meeting with a mentor at SCORE does not cost anything. I would also like them to know about all the wonderful seminars and workshops available, which cover such a wide variety of subjects. Setting up an appointment with a mentor was easy, and if someone wants to know what steps they need to take to get to the next part of their journey, it is worth their time."

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about Cortney and Comfort Paws Mobile Canine Spa, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.


Emerging from "Lockdown" Successfully