by Tom Nixon, Volunteer and Marketing Subject Matter Expert

I'm giving you permission to take a day off. Or perhaps, many.

Not that you need my permission.

Nope. Instead, you have to give yourself permission. 

Permission to do less. So you can sell more.


Of course, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

But if you feel like you're constantly marketing, constantly selling, and have this nagging feeling it's never enough—or worse, that you're actually doing the wrong things!—I have good news.

You can stop.

Or, at least...stop most of it.

You know it to be true in your gut, but it's hard to convince your head of it: you simply can't be everywhere at once. And you can't be all things to all people.

But the temptations are difficult to ignore: Marketing FOMO is real: the Fear of Marketing Omission.

But you absolutely have to give yourself permission to get over it.

If you won't, I will...

Stop that. Start this.

Effective immediately, strip away everything in your marketing plan that's not generating significant return on investment, however you measure it. (You are measuring, right?)

I'll even let you decide which metrics are important. Is it sales? Leads generated? Warm and fuzzies, like accolades and recognition? Vanity metrics, such as clicks, likes and comments on social media? You decide!

But chances are, if you're like most startup businesses, sole proprietors or service professionals trying to build a book of business, results are hard to come by.

That's actually good news. It allows you to wipe the canvas clean—guilt-free!—and start fresh.

Here's the new plan: Pick one.

That's right. Out of the 5-10 marketing activities you're currently engaged in, get rid of them all...except one.

Actually, two.

But I'm going to give you the second one, as a non-negotiable. Because it's the single-most effective marketing tool out there. And too many marketers ignore it at their own detriment.

Marketing's (not so) Secret Weapon

There is one marketing tactic that consistently achieves the highest ROI of anything out there, regardless of vertical or market. 

Can you guess what it was?

The answer may surprise you: It's email.

What the WHAT??!?!?

Old-school, boring, analogue, my-boomer-father-still-reads-his...EMAIL?!?!?!

Yup. It can also be the most affordable.

When’s the last time you checked your email? If you're like the statistical average, you spend nearly 6 hours a day in front of your email. If I need to find you, I know where to look.

And there are no gatekeepers between you and your audience. No algorithms to overcome. No editors to pitch. No pay to play.

What's My Other Tactic, then?

So, if you're still reading, email marketing is going to be the workhorse of your marketing strategy going forward. But it won't be alone. I said you can pick one other platform to focus on.

But that's not true. At least, not all of it.

What I'm going to show you is how email, combined with the one other perfect platform aligned to your unique audience's preferences and affinity, is the new marketing model of the future. It's the fix to what's broke out there. And you'll be among the first to adopt it.

Take that, competitors!

(Be not afraid: It's what Brian Clark is using to build 7-figure businesses for himself and others, all without a single employee or investor. It's all about being Unemployable. And that's a good thing. If it's good enough for him, it should be good enough for you.)

When paired with email, this single tactic will check all of the boxes in the PESO Model of Marketing. It will take care of:

  • Email marketing

  • Digital marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

  • Content marketing

  • Inbound marketing

  • Lead generation and nurturing

  • ...and even a little bit of sales, to boot!

So how do you identify that one other perfect platform to pair with email? That depends on who you are...but more importantly, who they are.

By "they," I mean your audience.

And everyone's is different.

So I can't in a a single blog post just pick something for you. 

Take a Free Audio Course to Reveal Yours


Yes, I have a free audio course (yes, 100% free!) that walks you through the process to cut away the clutter, zero in on the single most effective platform for you to reach your target market, and to starting doing way less, in far less time, expending far fewer resources...all to greater effect than anything you've been struggling with the past!

Doing less; selling more.

Yes, it's that simple. To enroll in the free audio course, simply sign up here, and you'll be on your way.

I'll even send you a permission slip to do less and sell more!



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