Certified Volunteer Mentor April Halliburton Provides Hiring Tips for Small Business Owners Making Their First Hire

The deep bench of expertise within the Southeast Michigan chapter of SCORE was once again tapped into by members of the media looking to inform their readers on best practices for running and growing a small business. 

This time, it was HR expert April Halliburton providing her unparallelled expertise for a reporter authoring a piece on NerdWallet, distributed by the Associated Press, entitled, "Ready to hire your first employee? Prep with these 6 steps."

[Note: The reporter found SCORE via this thought leadership article authored by chapter Subject Matter Expert Steve Czerniak, another volunteer who generously shares his expertise and experience with business owners in southeast Michigan. It is well worth your time to read this piece as well!] 

An excerpt:


Your first employee is the first person that you are entrusting your vision to, says April D. Halliburton, founder and president of virtual HR company All-4-HR . Halliburton is also a volunteer mentor with SCORE, a nonprofit organization that offers business owners free resources, including webinars and how-to guides about hiring employees.

Start by writing a clear job description, Hallburton says, and don’t rely totally on a template because “10 different companies are going to have receptionists doing things 10 different ways.”

Halliburton encourages business owners to work with an HR professional to create an employee handbook so employees know how to navigate the workplace. Also, consider creating manuals that walk new employees through key tasks.

“I think you make the biggest impact within the first few months,” Halliburton says. “The last thing you want to do is not give the effort and energy that is needed when you’re hiring your employees and growing your staff and culture.”

Read the whole thing for the complete story.

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