Episode 21.2 - The Ideal Mentor/Mentee Relationship, with Tricia Beck, Author of Mentoring Lifts and Inspires

In recognition of January being National Mentoring Month, author and Certified Volunteer Mentor Tricia Beck joins co-hosts Armando Ojeda and Tom Nixon to explore the importance of mentorship within the many critical moments of the entrepreneurial journey. Tricia hails from our Southern Arizona SCORE Chapter.

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Discussion points:

  • Defining the mentor profile and what it takes for success

  • What motivated Tricia to become a mentor and author

  • What to look for in finding a good mentor fit

  • Responsibilities of the “mentee” in a successful relationship

  • Can your mentor be younger than you?

  • “Question of the Day” — listen to find out!

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Author of Book on Mentoring Joins Podcast for "National Mentoring Month"