Episode 21.5 of "The SCORE Podcast: Where Small Business Matters" - Cybersecurity for Small Business, with Doug Pettigrew

Armando Ojeda and Marc Trail of The SCORE Podcast team meet up with Doug Pettigrew of Electronic Brain Solutions to discuss the importance of “Good Data Hygiene,” providing cybersecurity protection for your small business. Yes, even a SMALL business!

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Discussion points:

  • Isn’t my business too small to have to worry about cybersecurity?

  • Can’t I just pay the ransom or demands if I get hit?

  • I haven’t been hit in (X number of years business has been open), do I really need to worry about it now?

  • What are some practical and lower cost things I can do RIGHT now in my business to help protect it from a cyberattack?

  • How can I just stop all cyberattacks?

  • Is it really a big deal if an employee or myself clicks on an email?  Isn’t this getting a little blow out of proportion?

  • Won’t cybersecurity insurance just cover everything?

  • I backup, so I am all set… right?

  • If I am in or move totally to the cloud, then I am safe, right? Think again!

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Is Any Small Business too Small to Worry about Cybersecurity?