Episode 21.8 of The SCORE Podcast, Where Small Business Matters (with Angela Barbash of Revalue)

Making a business investment no longer has to be a people or profit decision, it can be a people and profit opportunity. Angela Barbash of Revalue joins the podcast to share her knowledge on values-based investing and the funding mechanisms that support it. Listen to learn about alternative funding and capital sources that aren’t a rich aunt and uncle nor a traditional bank!

While today's guest is a registered investment advisor, the comments shared should not be construed in any way to constitute investment advice. 

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Discussion points:

  • Angela’s journey from the traditional business world to a focus on values-driven investing

  • Alternative sources of funding available to small business owners and entrepreneurs

  • The upsides and realities of values-based investing

  • Values-based investing and the Pandemic — are there particular opportunities?

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Alternative Funding Sources and Values-Based Investing