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SCORE Southeast Michigan mentors are experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives with a diverse set of industries and specialties who volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business professionals start, develop, and grow businesses in Southeast Michigan.

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, SCORE mentors will meet with clients remotely. Mentors are available to participate in remote mentoring sessions via phone, email, and video. If you already have a mentor, ask them if you can use a remote mentoring method for your sessions. If you don’t already have a SCORE mentor, you can request a remote business mentor today.

You can browse mentor profiles to find your ideal expert or fill out the mentoring request form and we will pair you with the right mentor to help your small business thrive.

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Why We Volunteer (And Why You Should Too!)

Small business owners need your help, now more than ever. Small business owners & entrepreneurs across Southeast Michigan are looking to tap into the expertise, wisdom, experiences, passion, knowledge, and guidance of veteran business owners who are willing to give of their time to pay their success forward to the next generation of business owners. We are currently looking to add to our roster of Certified Volunteer Mentors, and need backgrounds and experiences as diverse as the clients we serve. Sound like you? 

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If you are interested in learning about mentorship opportunities, please contact
Lisa O'Connell:

Live Online Workshops for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners Attend Workshops Taught by Local Experts!

SCORE Southeast Michigan mentors and representatives from the local business community conduct a variety of regularly scheduled educational workshops that provide valuable information and techniques necessary for establishing and managing a successful business.

Due to COVID-19, our workshops will be held online until further notice. Click below to view live online workshops, recorded webinars and courses on demand on a variety of small business topics.

Upcoming Workshops


Upcoming Workshops

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Local Event

Lean Business Canvas Model - Virtual Workshop - April 13, 2021 - C0018

April 13, 2021, 10:00am EDT
Stonebridge Financial Partners
How to do a quick business plan to test out your idea and assess if you have all the resources necessary to move forward. This is a discussion session and you are encouraged to just familiarize yourself with the Lean Business Model Canvas found on YouTube. We will review the model, discuss, and get you started on your idea. Read more
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Local Event

Sales The Lifeblood of your business. April 14, 2021 - C0018

April 14, 2021, 12:00pm EDT
Like it or hate it, sales is the lifeblood of your business. This class will help you enjoy sales, pinpoint where you can improve your performance, and learn how to use a SCORE mentor to increase your annual sales. Discuss and learn your sales strengths and weaknesses with guided group conversation. Come prepared to be introspective! Read more
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Local Event

Present Your Perfect Pitch! Practice-Practice-Practice April 22, 2021 - C0018

April 22, 2021, 9:30am EDT
Ernest T. Ford Recreation Center
The ability to communicate your business product, or service in a clear, concise manner; that is relevant to the needs of each individual is critical to your success. This workshop perfects this skill and is designed to be attended more than once. Join us and perfect your presentation skill! Read more
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Recorded Webinar

Startup 101- What You Need to Start Your Business

This webinar details the best path to a successful startup where you'll learn how to validate your idea, research, write a business plan and more. Read more

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Featured Resources for Small Business:

Recorded Webinar

An Easier Way to Prepare Your Business Plan -The Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a one-page business plan that allows you to test and validate the key parts of your business in a manageable format. Read more

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How to Successfully Start a Business with the SCORE Startup Roadmap

The SCORE Startup Roadmap, sponsored by FedEx, is the perfect tool to start the journey to your new business. A SCORE mentor can be your guide along the way. Read more


Funding Your Business: Myths and Facts About Grants for “For-Profit” Business

How can I get grant money to start a for-profit business? Learn the myths and facts about grants and funding your small business. Read more


The Benefits of Virtual Mentoring for Small Businesses

With the continuation of Covid-19 pandemic virtual mentoring is more prevalent than ever. Discover how making an online connection can boost your business. Read more


Business Plan 101: Sales & Marketing

The sales and marketing section of your business plan describes how you intend to sell your product. Learn what you should include in this section. Read more


Networking for the Virtual Age

The benefit of virtual networking is that even those who despise the traditional method will embrace this process with ease. Read more


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